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 A Film Like That

(with apologies to Stephen Sondheim)


*to the tune of “A Boy Like That” from West Side Story

A film like that, deserves no Oscar
A film like that is mediocre
Please pick a great film,
Even a good film…

*mad orchestra flourish

A film like that, a film called CODA,
Deserves to win not one iota
It’s not a great film
It’s not a good film…

The Oscar’s rare-ly pick the best
A popular-ity contest
But it’s the film they’ll likely pick
To share their love
I feel sick, dear Oscar, I feel sick

A win like that is bought and paid for
Apple sold it like a cheap whore
Aggressive campaigns, weak hearts may change
Just wait and see, just wait dear Oscar
Just wait and see!

Dear god, dear Oscar, no
Dear Oscar, no
This can’t be true, say you jest
Pick any oth-er of the rest
I see the signs; I know they’re right
You think it’s art
But my heart, dear Oscar
But my heart…

Knows you’re wrong
And my pas-sion is strong
For I belong
To Campion, and her alone
It’s for the show;
You’ll play safe
Like you have always done
I don’t know why it’s so,
I don’t want to know

Oh no, dear Oscar, no, you should know better!
You want the best, or so you say
You should know better…