The Arcane Nibbler

Reviews and Assorted Crap for Your Engagement and Enragement

About the Nibbler

  1. understood by few, mysterious, secret
  1. one who nibbles

The Arcane Nibbler is a bitter old fart from Kansas City, Missouri whose life was ruined in high school by a well-meaning but delusional teacher who wrote in his senior yearbook, “I expect you to be a writer.”

After wasting a decade to realize the folly of that goal, he numbed his ego with various chemicals, frivolous pastimes, promiscuous gay sex and excessive masturbation acquiring brain damage, gunshot wounds and assorted STD’s in the process.

Now finding himself wrinkled, morally spent and eligible for the AARP mailing list, he attempts once again to validate his meaningless existence by writing a blog in a sad attempt to relive the glory days of his youth.

God have mercy on his soul!

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