Greetings WordPress followers. It’s been a year since I posted this article and I’ve decided to post it again because I feel the film in question, Guido Moronés classic Le Passion de la Caille (The Passion of the Quail) is one of the great forgotten classics of foreign cinema and because not as many people responded to the original post as I had hoped. I have more than twice as many followers now and it’s my hope that more of you will discover this inexplicably forgotten surrealist masterpiece.

I recommend Passion especially to those who dislike absurdist cinema, because I believe it’s more accessible than most such films and because the film is hugely entertaining even when it doesn’t appear to make sense initially. But it does build up to one of the more devastating endings in film history, so I ask that you please open your minds to it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To learn more about the film and the oddball genius who created it. Please click here. See you at the movies!